Based and motivated by the needs and desires of a classic family unit - for every project and every decision to be made - we think and act not only from an engineer's perspective but from the future owner’s perspective itself. Our objective is the completion of a high-quality and technically perfect project that meets all up-to-date requirements.

Our philosophy

A modern residence needs to serve both the common and the individual needs of all family members. Our designs feature open living spaces without unnecessary components and personal spaces for each person, where they can work, relax and rest. It also includes entertainment - concentration (playroom) spaces on a different level with no disturbance to other family members as well as auxiliary spaces.

In addition to functionality, we strive to achieve a balance between aesthetics and modern architecture principles. The new materials and technologies we use, enable us to construct modern facilities, help automation and maximise the exploitation of natural energy sources. The use of simple geometry, the different tints of uneven surfaces and the combination of different materials such as architectural concrete, stainless steel and glass form architectural elements representative of the company's projects.

The implementation of this modern architectural expression is done by careful selection of materials and partners, daily supervision in the company's construction sites, coordination of subcontractors and workers and continuous monitoring of projects' progress. That is why within the company’s ten-year life span our brand is synonymous with reliability, consistency and quality.